Diesel Injection Pumps

Diesel injection pumps have faced several changes throughout the years in order to meet the challenging conditions imposed by the market. The number of mechanical components and the working tolerances have drastically reduced and its operation and control is dependent on various electrical and electronic systems. 


In the figures above is showed an inline diesel injection pump and a common rail rotary diesel injection pump, known as CP4. 


With these premises in mind, the concept of repairing a diesel injection pump has changed over time and follow the evolution of the component. 


The company has all the necessary hardware, software, tools and training for a top quality repair, offering services for diesel injection pumps and common rail for light and heavy vehicles.


LD Auto is a partner of leading manufactures such as Bosch, Delphi, VDO, Denso, CAT, PERKINS, Yanmar, Zexel, Stanadyne, among others, and is currently the major national market player to carry out the repair of injection system components, presenting the most intelligent solutions: Repair, Rebuilt or New.


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