LD Auto - Multibrand Workshop


The company LD Auto started his history in 1990 through the name of Leiridiesel SA with a small family business near Leiria. At that time the major activity consisted of repairing diesel components, such as diesel injections pumps and injectors.


Nowadays, LD Auto is one of the brands under the name of Leiridiesel Group. This name was initially created following the market demands, aiming to maintain the lead on the repair of diesel injection components and, simultaneously, to ramp up the company position in the maintenance and repair of all brand vehicles. In 2019, in order to facilitate the search for products and it´s characterístics, the online shop was created.


One of the key factors for the sustained growth on the automotive mobility field has been the constant developing of new solutions for the automotive maintenance, bearing in mind the excellence on the service for the customer. In order to do this, the company is able to assist all ranges of vehicles and propulsions, such as internal combustion engines, hybrid and electric. Furthermore, the company is prepared to repair and rebuild diesel and gasoline injection components, turbochargers, gearboxes and particulate filters. 


Today LD Auto is proud to be one of the references on the automotive mobility across the country, combining the experience acquired over the past 30 years.


The company’s services are available across the country:

  • Northern Region: Porto and Maia
  • Center Region: Aveiro, Coimbra, Leiria and Ortigosa
  • Lisbon Region: Lisboa, Cacém, Mem Martins and Torres Vedras
  • Algarve Region: Loulé
  • Madeira island: Funchal


The presence in the most important cities of the country, has been another key factor for the sustained success the company has been through. When compared to other Bosch Car Service partners, LD Auto has invested more in technology and human resources. This resulted in a certified service at competitive prices, fulfilling the conditions demanded by our partners, such as big fleet companies, carmakers and the end customer.